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Ramen is the Japanese dish made of Chinese noodles, soup and toppings. It is considered as a national food along with Curry rice.

Ramen is available everywhere you go in Japan, but each location has its own features. ¡£

¡¦Hokkaido: miso-flavored Ramen, salt-flavored Ramen
¡¦Tohoku, Kanto, Kansai: mainly soy sauce-flavored Ramen
¡¦Kyuusyuu: pork-flavored Ramen

The above is the most common geographical classification of Ramen, but there are very uniquely arranged Ramen dishes depending on the localities. They are Hakata Ramen in Fukuoka, Onomichi Ramen in Hiroshima, Iekei Ramen in Yokohama and Black Ramen in Toyama, etc. Those Ramen dishes emphasize their special local flavors.

The toppings vary depending on the locations, but the major toppings are Chinese-style barbecued pork, leek, fish sausage, bamboo shoot, dried seaweed, and soft boiled egg. Pork-flavored Ramen is sometimes served with red pickled ginger. A very unique topping is pickled plum.

The never-before-seen boom in Ramen appeared in America as of 2012. Each Ramen restaurant focuses on its own originality, creating salt and pork-flavored Ramen, rich soy sauce-based Ramen, and miso-flavored Ramen, etc in many different parts of America, so it is worth checking out.

All images and descriotion above are just samples. Dishes are served in many ways depend on locations where you visit.