Mizu is located in Mission Bay where breathtaking scenery unfolds before you for as far as your eyes can see. The bright and dazzling California sunshine sparkles over ocean riffles and the laughter of people enjoying cycling or walking fills the air. Mizu is right on the bay in the midst of this wonderful setting. While the area feels like a remote paradise, it is easy to access Mission Bay. When you exit at Sea World Drive from I-5, or at W. Mission Bay Drive from I-8, it is less than a couple of miles to Mizu on Mission Bay. There are many luxurious resort hotels in this area such as the Hilton, Hyatt Regency Islandia, and Bahia Resort Hotels.
Whether you are alone on a business trip, a family vacation, or a romantic getaway, Mizu provides wonderful meals in a casual atmosphere. When you are relaxed and comfortable in a setting complete with bright sunshine and glorious ocean views, you feel relief from all travel fatigue. Although parking spaces next to the restaurant are rather limited, there is a large free public parking lot across the street. Since Mission Bay is a tourist district, parking regulations are very strict. So take advantage of this free facility.
Daily Specials from the Kitchen & Sushi Bar
Experienced chefs select the freshest ingredients each day in order to offer daily specials from both their regular kitchen and the sushi bar. The photo shows an example of one of their daily specials: ¡°An appetizer of the day¡± from the kitchen.

These are fresh baby scallops with ¡°dynamite¡± sauce. This sauce is rich and slightly sweet yet has a zing to it. The dish is accompanied by salsa made with tobiko (flying fish roe). The combination of spicy salsa and sweet baby scallops is just heavenly.

The tobiko in the salsa stimulates your appetite with its unique texture. You can also combine this dish with some vegetables for a refreshing taste. With an appetizer like this, your expectations are raised for what is to come.
Mizu strives to create deep and rich flavors by combining four of the five basic tastes (sweet, pungent, sour, and salty). The five kinds of sauce that are used in the Temptation not only add gorgeous colors to the dish but also depth to the flavor. Japanese style sesame dressing is sweet and full of body. It perfectly complements white meat fish as well as the darker tuna. Eel and honeydew sauces add mild and mellow flavor. After the mellow sweetness fills your mouth, you can spice up the flavor with Mizu¡¯s stimulating and pungent Korean spicy sauce.
The garlic sauce may have a very strong taste by itself but it becomes less heavy and more enjoyable when combined with other sauces. Above all, the affinity between these sauces and the components of the Temptation is just amazing. The crispy batter of the shrimp tempura and sweet flavor of the shrimp are accented by the spicy tuna. These are all beautifully wrapped with thinly sliced sashimi made of white and red fish. You will enjoy the perfect harmony of all the various flavorful layers of this Temptation roll.